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Money Transfer

Now, retailers can provide their customers with money transfer facility anytime of the day.
For customers, transfering money to any account in the country is easier than ever before.
Now customers don’t need to visit a bank branch, stand in long queues and fill cumbersome forms
to transfer money to their loved ones – they just need to visit their Minibanks retail outlet!

With our Domestic Money Transfer service, retailers can help customers to instantly transfer
their money to any bank account in the country, anywhere and anytime, even on bank holidays.
The sender does not need a bank account to transfer the money from, and just need to pay
a minimal transaction fee to the retailers.

Customer's Benefits

Secure, easy and quick transfer of
money to any bank in India
No need to visit a bank, fill up forms,
or have an account in the
same bank to send money
Transfer money anytime,
even on bank holidays
Only the recipient's account number,
your mobile phone and OTP
are needed to send money

Retailer's Benefits

  • Attract more customers by providing easy and convenient value-added services
  • Earn more income by getting a commission on every money transfer
  • Provide basic banking services to customers and engage with them
  • Efficient use of cash-in-drawer
  • Safe & Secure